Welcome to the Sport and Medical Sciences Parent-Teacher-Organization

The Sport and Medical Sciences Academy (SMSA) is pleased to have a vibrant and active Parent-Teacher-Organization (PTO). This engaged group of middle and high school parents, teachers, administrators, and staff work together to share information and participate in activities that benefit our entire student body so that our students have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and in life.


Meet your 2016-2017 SMSA PTO Board Officers



Artie Hill


The President plans the agenda and presides over the monthly PTO meetings that are designed to inform SMSA families about projects and events at the school. Artie will also Chair the SMSA Scholarship Auction Committee that raises money for scholarships for academic excellence and community service.

Her son, Devin, is a freshman at SMSA.


Vice President

Lynn Pintavalle



The duties of the Vice President  include coordinating the Membership Drive to increase parent participation in the PTO.  The VP will assist the President at scheduled meetings and organized events.  The VP will also oversee meetings if the President cannot attend for any reason.

Lynn’s son is a junior at SMSA.  



Lesa Lewis


The Treasurer duties are to monitor the ongoing expenses of the SMSA PTO, and to make sure we fulfill the by-laws and the IRS non-profit status guidelines with accuracy and transparency. The Treasurer will also assist the Secretary with the Membership Drive to increase parent participation in the PTO.

Lesa’s son, Devon, is a junior at SMSA.



Nancy Bienkowski


The Secretary will take minutes during the meeting and send out correspondence to the membership on a monthly basis. Nancy is a member of the Scholarship Auction Committee.

Her son is a senior at SMSA.


Fun fact:  Each officer has a son on the TigerHawks football team!