Meet your 2013-14 SMSA  PTO Board Members 

Sarah Barr

Sarah is once again your SMSA PTO President for the 2013-2014 school year.  As President, she plans the agenda and presides over the PTO meetings that are designed to inform SMSA families about projects and events that will benefit and affect the student body.  She also chairs the SMSA Scholarship Showcase Committee that is raising money for scholarships for academic excellence and community service.  She is also part of the PTO's membership, hospitality, and communications committees, where she regularly writes press releases for media outlets to promote all the good things that are happening at SMSA.  Sarah is part of the Public Affairs team at Webster Bank and is deeply rooted in the Hartford community.  Her daughter, Makeda, is a junior at SMSA.  You can reach Sarah at

Sue Biren

Sue is your SMSA PTO Vice President for 2013-2014 school  year.  Sue will help execute any projects or plans the PTO will be leading.   She will also help Sarah at meetings and events to keep the school body informed.  Her attention to detail will be an asset as she will oversee any updates/revisions of the by-laws. Her son Ted is a Junior.  You can reach Sue

Polly C. Moran

Polly is your 2013-2014 Treasurer.  Part of her duties will be to coordinate the Membership Drive with the Secretary to increase parent participation in the PTO, to monitor the ongoing expenses of the SMSA PTO, and to make sure we fulfill the by laws and the IRS non-profit status guidelines with accuracy and transparency.  Polly is a Nurse-Midwife in the Hartford area and is the mother of two children; one Katalina, off to college this year and the other Sebastian Euraque a 10th grader at SMSA.  You can reach her at

LaToya Felton 

LaToya is your Secretary for the 2013-2014 year.  She's returning for a third  year to this position.  She will be responsible for taking accurate meeting minutes, maintaing any records, and distributing email correspondence to all PTO members and school staff.  She is also the point person for the display cases that are updated throughout the year.  As a commitee member for SMSA Scholarship Showcase Committee, she is actively involved in helping to raise money for scholarships for academic excellence.  LaToya strongly believes and supports the Sport and Medical Science mission of Dedication Responsibilty  Discpline  and  Respect.   Her daughter is a senior.  Contact LaToya via email at