Sport and Medical Sciences Academy has had National Business Plan winners for two years running.  In the Fall of 2008, seniors Marnise Tucker and Geneva Cornelius placed in theTop 25 in the Nation for their operational business, GeMs Personalized Poetry.  GeMs is an online business that creates romantic greeting cards for young men ages 14-17 (an underserved niche).  Again, in the Fall of 2009, senior Danny Huynh ranked in the Top 10 in the Nation  with his business, Pharm-Assist.  Pharm-Assist is a pharmaceutical delivery service for active seniors in the Hartford area who may find it difficult to get their prescription medications.

Marketing I is a required course at SMSA.  All juniors are required to write a complete business plan for a business of their choice and then, dressed in their “business best”, these young entrepreneurs present this plan under timed conditions to a panel of judges from the local business community.  Winning students qualify to continue on in competitions at the regional and national levels.  Our students have won over $4,000 in cash prizes since 2008.  In this class, instructor Anne Nguyen weaves the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) curriculum into her instruction.  NFTE is a non-profit organization that provides entrepreneurial education programs for young people all over the world.  Their vision is that every young person will find a pathway to prosperity and give back to their communities, as a result.  SMSA’s Marketing I course enables our students to put into practice lifelong skills that set them on the road to success!

DECA's Sports & Entertainment 
Marketing Conference 2009 Post Conference Highlights

DECA hosted 600 attendees in Orlando, Florida on February 4–7 for the 2009 Sports & Entertainment Marketing Conference. Many attended an Orlando Magic basketball game, took part in interactive sessions with executives from Universal Studios, and heard from sports marketing professionals. SMSA had 5 students attend this conference.  Thursday and Friday afternoons were spent inside Universal Studios and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Theme Parks. Students and advisors alike took advantage of Florida’s bright sunshine while enjoying park activities and attractions.

Saturday’s agenda entailed a tank-side education program sponsored by Sea World. Following the morning program, attendees were able to enjoy all that Sea World has to offer.

SMSA – Universal Project – 2/5/09

The proposal by The Sports and Medical Sciences Academy marketing team-- Mubin Becirovic, Ornela Minxhozi ,Michael Carlson, Ashley Jones, and Roxanne Rainford:

One innovative way for Universal to expand its marketing reach to a multitude of individuals and a variety of demographics would be to develop a partnership with the creators of Second Life.

Second life is a 3D networking program that allows people from all over the world to socialize anonymously. In this program people control an avatar that can walk and fly throughout the virtual world. People who use this program have the option to customize their avatar with real world money using a variety of credit cards, including American Express. This allows them to change hair, make-up and clothes.

Our idea is to have Universal develop a partnership with Second Life and create a virtual replica of Universal in Second Life. If Universal could create a virtual replica of Universal Studios in Second Life it would allow people to visit Universal without having to leave their house. This in turn would generate interest about Universal Studios with Second Life members and they would be more inclined to come to Universal Orlando.

This idea would tie into the existing partnership Universal has with American Express and other partnerships in the future. When people want clothes and other items for their avatar in Second Life, they must pay for it. The primary payment option in Second Life is using a credit card. If Universal collaborated with Second Life, Second Life could offer discounts when people choose to pay with American Express. Since Second Life is a networking program, its exposure is not limited geographically. Also the virtual park could allow other companies to sponsor parts of the park, specifically Coca-Cola and Minute Maid. Many soft-drink companies offer discounts using online codes and these two could follow suit by offering a small discount for coming to the virtual park on Second Life.

Another option of having a partnership with Second Life is being able to utilize video conferencing. Video conferencing would allow individuals who do not have a chance to visit Universal regularly to see a real time view of the park and get a chance to see what it would be like. This would generate interest and result in a positive feedback about Universal. People would be likely to come to Universal for a vacation to be able to experience what makes Universal so great. This same option of video conferencing could also lead to future partnerships. Universal does not have a partnership with any computer companies so this could allow Universal to expand its market to companies such as IBM and Dell.